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지난 11월 11일, 제 3차 소망원정대가 방문한 차드지역 마을의 주민 대표와 교육부 관계자,
그리고 지역 개발 위원으로부터 감사편지를 받았습니다.

프랑스어로 온 편지는 굿네이버스 USA에서 영문으로 번역해 주었습니다.

후원자들의 손길이 한 나라의 지역을 바꾸는 모습을 보고, 또 그들의 감사한 마음을 전해받고
소망 소사이어티는 나누는 마음을 더욱 알리기에 힘쓰기로 다시 한 번 다짐하였습니다.

PAGE 1: (마을 주민 대표)

November 15th, 2013
Somang Preschool No 1
Ceremony, messages from the representative of residents

A thank you

The development committee of D’amnaback with the entire community give thanks Somang Society, Good Neighbors International and Good Neighbors Chad deeply for all their committment within different areas. This thank-you goes to everyone that contributed in many ways with materials, financially or morally.

We pray you receive blessings for your good deeds and a divine blessing on Judgment Day.

PAGE 2: (교육부 관계자)


– Mayor of the town of G Arrond
– Delegating minister from the area of Ngueli
– The representatives from Somang Society and Good Neighbors International
– The chief of Carre de Ndou
– The member of the development committee of Ndou
– The president of l’APE
– School teacher colleagues
– Honorable guests

Because the inspector (accreditation officer) could not be here, I have been delegated to attend at the ceremony of handing keys for the communal school of Ndou.

The nice building with two classrooms is offered by Somang Society and Good Neighbors (the Korean organization) to the community of Ndou. This is in line with policies advocated by the President of Chad to revive the schools in Chad.

My gratitude goes to the government through Good Neighbors Chad staff who spared no effort in building the schools in the 9th district.

I request of the people of Ndou, and especially the teachers and students, to maintain these beautiful buildings well.

Be aware that these buildings are not housing for animals but they allow the enrollment of students, in particular girls, in schools.

Thank you for your attention.

PAGE 3: (마을 개발 위원회 대표)

Mayor of the 9th district
The inspector of the primary education of the 9th district
The representatives for Good Neighbors International
The director of Good Neighbors Chad
The delegates for the areas (regions) of the 9th district
The principals of the different schools
The heads of the squares
Honorable distinguished guests
Ladies and gentlemen

At the moment of the temporary completion of school building, the community of Ndou greets and welcomes you in the school of Ndou.

In fact since 2007 the development committee has gathered from five surrounding areas together with Good Neighbors Chad staff.

This partnership has created several achievements like these:
– The support for the mature (older) students
– The construction of the school building of two classrooms in Amnaback.
– A building with two classrooms in Guelbacte.
– A building with two classrooms, an office in Ndou (that is almost built).
– Several restrooms in different areas.
– The installation of wells in different areas
– Thousands of gifts distribution to sponsored students

Other projects can also be accomplished like the construction of an office for the development committee and a library to name a few.
The people are very grateful to the commendable Somang Society and Good Neighbors Chad.
And promise to do the following things together:
– To ensure the buildings will be stayed in good condition (by the committee of development)
– To make sure that they will give benefits to the community.
– And finally we pray that the almighty will give them longevity, prosperity, and all the success in their good work, safe return to their respective families.

May allah bless the last moment of their lives.
Thank you.

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